Why Outsource To Sofia?

It’s low living costs and first-class education system are just the beginning. See why Bulgaria is the best offshoring destination.

While most businesses offshore to reduce costs or accelerate growth, there is a lot more to it than just the cost and availability of labor. To really achieve the results you’re after you need to choose a country with just the right combination of qualities.

Multilingual and Multicultural

We provide our culturally compatible and cost efficient services 24/7, 16+ languages.

High standard of education

Experienced, highly educated and carefully recruited, they energize the communication with your customers for best customer experience.

Tailored Solutions

We offer flexible and adaptive solutions according to your company values and specific requirements.

Huge talent pool

You can outsource just about any role that can be performed via an internet connection – from accountants and accounts receivable staff to customer service reps and engineers. Plus, you can fill roles at levels from junior and intermediate right up to senior and Vice President levels.

Loyal, honest, and hard-working

The Bulgarians value their jobs highly and tend to stay with good employers for longer than the average American or Australian employee. This is partly due to the country’s culture of customer service excellence, discussed below, and partly due to the fact that they recognize the value Western organizations bring to their communities.

Modern tech infrastructure

Bulgaria has very similar technology to the United States and Australia and its government invests heavily in infrastructure, particularly in the cities. Sofia, for example, features a lot of large corporate facilities, modern office spaces, reliable utilities providers and solid telecommunications infrastructure.