Our Services

While most outsourcing solutions will offer a plethora of solutions, at Calista Services, we specialise in sales-oriented call center solutions.

Our Services

Unlike other outsourcing and offshoring solutions, we focus on building strong outbound sales call centers. This level of specialization allows us to ensure faster recruitment, better training, and better results than one-stop-shop solutions. We don’t stop at the agents on the phone. Our team is able to help you build an entire sales operation including sales agents and managers, ancillary teams for general support, and compliance and technical support.

Our recruiters look for agents with experience, so after some basic training about your specific products and services, your new team will hit the ground running because they’ve already nailed the process of engaging the customer in a sales conversation.

Looking to relocate staff to join your team? Our seasoned Human Resources and Legal teams will help you navigate all of the hurdles, from obtaining visas to finding and arranging housing and opening bank accounts.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Calista Services doesn’t stop at helping you build your team. Our team of experts can help you reduce your operational overhead by increasing the efficiency and lowering the costs of telephony, lead acquisition, and client retention. We’ve had years of experience running call centers, and we’re here to help you grow your business.

Lately, most outsourcing solutions are choosing to focus their outbound efforts on warm leads instead, because telemarketers have significantly higher conversion rates when they call warm leads compared with cold calls. Because we specialize in outbound sales, our team has the experience to help you recruit and train an effective cold-calling team, helping to further lower your overhead.